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I order this device through my friend recommendation. I truly stunned by seeing the difference between bills after and before using power saver. Now it's my first choice for saving electricity consumption and bills.

Raj - New Delhi

Power Saver India

Are you tired of spending a lot of your money on paying electricity bills? Not anymore!

Now you can reduce electricity bills and save electricity using power saver. It is a modern microprocessing technological device that dynamically observes and improves the consumption of power for your household, office and industry.

Power Saver India

This device helps in optimizing the voltage and current demands to reduce the active power consumption. This will eventually help you reduce your electricity bills by 50 % or in the case of place where electricity supply is stable the reduction would be 45%. Now just that, electric power saver also behaves like a power stabilizer by storing power for up to 10 seconds and providing a smooth flow of electricity with constant voltage during brief power surges. This also helps in providing long life for your electrical appliances.

Electricity power saver is a German technology invention that works impressively to help you save big on your electricity bills. It is a simple device that when plugged in the main socket will help you saving big on your electricity bills. Plugging in the power saver India will also help you save about 50% of electricity misuse in everyday life.

Increasing the number of electrical appliances at home often increases the chances of power loss. However, if you have power saver India with you then it can help you save excess use of electricity and even reduces your electricity bills.

Benefits of Power Saver

  • It is absolutely legal and approved & certified.
  • 2 yrs replacement warranty.
  • Heavy duty type.
  • Government approved.
  • Suitable for homes, shops, restaurants and offices.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Fast (ROI) return on your investment.
  • Fully compliant with safety standards.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Helps you save electricity.
  • Lower your electricity.
  • Saves Electricity.
  • No re-wiring needed, just plugs into any socket and start saving
Power saver
How to Use Power Saver

Electric Power Saver : How It Works

Based on German technology, which helps in reducing the misuse of electricity. The power we used at home or in the office is discharged through various means and power saves helps you save around 35% of it, sometimes even 40%. The device helps in controlling the power leakages that happen through deviations, which indirectly helps you save big on your electricity bills.

You can also check on how energy saver works in reducing the electricity bills. For conducting the check test you would require an extension lead run from the nearest power socket. To conduct the test just remember to power on any electric device such as electrical kettle or any other appliance that consumes the reasonable amount of power when turned on. Now stand in front of the meter, plug the power saver device into the extension lead and you will see the immediate reduction in the speed of the wheel. Thus, it helps in reducing the overall electricity bills in future.