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Frequently Asked Questions

[ Q ] Is it Legal?
[ Ans ] Yes. It is 100% legal and there is no problem in using it at home, office or for industries. It is just like a common electric appliance which is legally approved and certified to use for all.

[ Q ] How Do I Install?
[ Ans ] Power saver is very easy to install. It should be installed in main circuit beaker (MCB), from where the entire electric supply is conducted.

[ Q ] Is it safe to use Power Savers?
[ Ans ] Yes, Power saver is absolutely safe to be used for all. The device have passed many tests and verifications at various certification levels before getting approved for public use. Also, it has been inspected under strict conditions and is a zero defect product with high safety, non heat generating and non electrical energy consumption. Along with saving electricity bills it stabilizes and regulates voltage, reduces current and extends the life of your appliances.

[ Q ] Does Power Saver require any maintenance?
[ Ans ] No, unlike other electrical appliances at your home, Power Saver India does not require any types of maintenance.

[ Q ] Is There any Warranty?
[ Ans ] Power Saver comes with 2 year warranty.

[ Q ] What is the maximum load it can take?
[ Ans ] It can take up to 15 KW (15000W) of load easily which makes it suitable for homes, schools, offices, shops, restaurants & small factories.

[ Q ] If I plug in more than 1 Power Saver, will I save more?
[ Ans ] No. Any additional units plugged in, will not increase savings. On the other hand, one power saver device is enough to save on electricity bills for a home or an office.

[ Q ] Why Use Power Saver?
[ Ans ] As time pases, the electrical appliances at your home reduces their efficiency and thus starts consuming more power which leads to higher electricity bills. Also, with the increase in the number of appliances at home there is a change in power and current requirements which affects voltage and power consumption. Fluctuating voltages increases in resistance due to wire size and poor power supply which may result in power loss.

[ Q ] What is the lifespan of the Power Saver?
[ Ans ] The Power Saver device has been tested to above 80,000 hours of continued usage.

[ Q ] Do I need a qualified technician/electrician to install the Power Saver?
[ Ans ] No. You can install it on your own. Just plug it into any wall socket and it will start serving!

[ Q ] Can Power Savers be used in other countries with different voltage?
[ Ans ] Yes. Power Saver can be used in other countries that have an electricity supply of 110 to 130 Volts AC or 220 to 240 Volts AC, 50-60Hz. Though confirming your plug pin requirements is better before placing an order.

[ Q ] How many units of power saver would customers require?
[ Ans ] You need to install one unit power saver to install it in an apartment or house.

[ Q ] How long will it take for the Power saver to start paying for itself?
[ Ans ] Generally it takes around 6-12 months, however it is different in every case, some will see sooner (6 months), some will see later(12 months).