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Reviews - Power Saver

"I am using the power saver for 2 years now and it has really helped us in reducing the electricity bills. The first time I plugged it into the main socket I thought it would not work or had a few doubts on its efficiency. However, now that I am using it for some time now, I would say it is definitely a must device to have for all."
- A. Jordon, Pune

"Electric Power saver is an amazing invention that will not just help you save big on your electricity bills but also enables you to preserve electricity. I am having it at my home and office. It works great and is really effective."
- Rakesh, Delhi

"I bought a power saver on my friend’s advice. Though I was not very sure of this product, but it worked well and have shown reduction in electricity bills as well. I would advise you all to try it at least once."
- Karan, Mumbai

"Are you facing increased energy bills? I was also facing the same situation few months back, but now I have power saver India with me. It not just helps in saving on electricity bills, but also prevents misuse of electricity. It is one of the most useful products I have ever purchased in my life."
- Vishal, Kolkata